Cummins OTIII Transfer Switch

Cummins SwitchThe Cummins Power Generation OTIII non-automatic transfer switch offers flexibility when remote controlled or manual transfer or retransfer of load is required. Non-automatic transfer switches are used in conjunction with an automatic transfer switch which monitors the normal power source and remotely signals the non-automatic transfer switches to transfer and retransfer load.

The non-automatic transfer switch allows an operator to manually transfer from a utility or prime power source to a standby power source in the case of a power failure or when there is maintenance or exercising requirement.


  • Local and remote operation modes
  • Easy access for adjustments and service

  • Models and Ratings
  • Standard Features
  • Documents
  • Warranty

Model Ratings

Models Ampere Rating Transition Type
OTIII A Frame 40 - 1000 Transfer Switch Open Transition
OTIII B Frame 40 - 1000 Transfer Switch Open Transition
OTIII C Frame 40 - 1000 Transfer Switch Open Transition
OTIII D Frame 40 - 1000 Transfer Switch Open Transition


  • Assembly features - Plug connections between switch and control to facilitate service.
  • Door mounted controls - Provide easy access for adjustments and service. Ample space for field power and control connections. Terminal markings compatiblewith generator set.
  • Positive interlocking - Mechanical and electrical contactor interlocking prevents source-to-source connection through power or control wiring.
  • Local/remote operation modes - Can be operated locally with a door-mounted keyswitch or remotely via input signals from an automatic transfer switch or other control device.
  • Main contacts - Heavy-duty silver allow contacts and multi-leaf arc chutes are rated for total system transfer.

Warranty and service: Backed by a comprehensive warranty and worldwide distributor network.