Residential Generator Set Specification Sheets

The grid below contains Cummins Residential Standby generator set specification sheets. Their purpose is to provide you and your dealer/distributor with technical product information to assist you in making an informed purchasing decision based on your needs and requirements. They also help to facilitate proper maintenance.

Cummins welcomes you to print these specification sheets. The documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF). Click here for a free download of Adobe® Reader® to enable viewing. Click on the appropriate link in the Spec Sheet column to open them. Use your normal browser print command to print them.

Current Cummins Residential Generator Set Models

Brand Name Current Model Spec Sheet PDF icon
RS 13A/AC GSBA a-1559
RS 20A/AC & RS14AF GSBB a-1555
RS 20 GGMA (PCC 1301) a-1492
Quiet Connect RS 22 NAS-5774-EN
Quiet Connect RS 25 NAS-5775-EN
Quiet Connect RS 30 NAS-5776-EN
Quiet Connect RS 36 NAS-5777-EN
Quiet Connect RS 40 NAS-5778-EN
Power Connect RX 30 NAS-5779-EN
Power Connect RX 36 NAS-5790-EN
Power Connect RX 40 NAS-5791-EN
Power Connect RX 45 NAS-5792-EN
Power Connect RX 50 NAS-5793-EN
Power Connect RX 60 NAS-5794-EN
RS 30 GGMC (PCC 1301) a-1493
RS 50/45 GGPC a-1558
RS 60/75 GGHE/GGHF a-1548
RS 85/100 GGHG/GGHH a-1549
Open Transition Transfer Switch RA100A/RA200A NAS-5810-EN
Open Transition - Service Entrance Switch RA100A SE/RA200A SE NAS-5810-EN
RSS Automatic Transfer Switch 100-6868 and 200-6869 a-1536
RSS Automatic Transfer Switch 100-6634 and 200-6635 a-1535
Residential Accessory Brochure   NAF-5652-EN