Cummins Generators

Fuel type. Power rating. Application. You need a generator set to fit very specific criteria. And that’s why Cummins Power gives you the convenience of finding gensets based on real-world applications and specs.

Commercial Industrial Diesel Generators

Our diesel-powered generator sets are available in sizes ranging from 10kW to 2.5 MW. These clean, modern diesels with optional exhaust aftertreatment are suitable for either standby/emergency power, continuous or prime power applications. Rental Generators

Commercial Industrial Spark Ignited Generators

Our spark-ignited (stoichiometric) natural gas/propane engine generator sets are available in sizes ranging from 5 kW to 150 kW. These are suited to mid-size applications where onsite fuel storage is restricted, a continuous supply of natural gas is readily available or there are local environmental considerations.

Commercial Industrial Lean-Burn Gas Generator Sets

Cummins lean-burn natural gas engine generator sets are available in sizes ranging from 315kW to 2 MW. These feature very low emissions and are suitable for prime power and combined heat and power (CHP) applications. Low BTU fuel option on specific models.

Residential Natural Gas and Propane Generators

Comfort, security and convenience are things you can depend on with a Cummins Power Generation residential standby or portable generator.

image Light Commercial Diesel, Natural Gas and Propane Generators

Reliable power for an unreliable world.

Commercial Mobile Diesel, Gasoline, Propane, Hydraulic and PTO Generators

The comprehensive line of generator sets from Cummins Onan is designed for rugged applications and conditions including fire and emergency trucks, utility and telecom fleets and other specialty vehicles.

Marine Diesel Generators

The Cummins Onan brand is leading the way by offering the most innovative marine generator sets available.

RV Diesel, Gasoline and Propane Generators

Cummins has set the standard for quiet, reliable and innovative RV power for over 80 years.

Rental Diesel Generators

Cummins Power Generation is a global supplier of mobile generator sets designed for the rental industry.

image High Horsepower Commercial Generator Sets

High-Horse Power Generator Sets (>1MW) are designed to provide emergency backup, critical standby, prime power or peak shaving to applications such as healthcare, water and waste water treatment plants, manufacturing, government facilities, mining and large commercial buildings.

image Data Center Continuous (DCC) Rating Generator Sets

Data Center Continuous (DCC) rating offers diesel generator sets rated for unlimited hours of operation, with no restrictions on average variable load factor.