Cummins Onan Energy Command

RV Power Management at Your Fingertips

The RV power generation solution -- Energy Command™. Energy Command is a new line of remote power management panels that provides worry-free control for most Cummins Onan diesel, gas, or LP generators. To learn more about power management also read our guide RV Generator Load Management Basics  PDF icon 893 KB.


Worry-Free Control of Your Power Systems

EC-30W AutoStart

– Starts and stops the generator as required to maintain battery health

– Will only start the generator if shorepower is NOT present

– Automatic generator turn on to meet air conditioning demands if coach gets too hot

– Wireless - RV owners can install themselves

Introducing the newest RV power generation solution -- Energy Command™ AutoStart . The EC-30W is the first autostart system specifically designed for RV owners to install themselves. This provides worry-free control for most Cummins Onan diesel, gas, or LP generators. While high-end diesel RVs have added autostart as a factory option in recent years, most RVers who could use an autostart system on their existing RV don’t have one. Because the EC-30W is wireless, the average RV owner can install it on their own without paying for installation. At the same time, the EC-30W maintains several features that are unique to the Energy Command family.


Energy Command 20 and Energy Command 30

Energy Command Factory installed by RV manufacturers in new models, the Cummins Onan Energy Command panel will help RV owners with energy management, provide service information and contain enhanced safety functions as well as many additional features.

"Energy Command highlights the Cummins Onan commitment to integrated system controls for RVers to manage their coach power systems," said Ed Pickens, Cummins Onan mobile power systems manager. "This philosophy of customer focused integration will be characteristic of all new Cummins Onan products going forward."

There are currently two models of the new Cummins Onan Energy Command -- Energy Command 20 and Energy Command 30. Both the 20 and 30 models will automatically monitor batteries and RV generators; however, the 30 model also includes automatic generator starting functions and special safety features. Both models are compatible with Cummins Onan RV generators and any type of battery, and are designed to be easily installed by RV manufacturers at a relatively low cost.

Energy Command Features:

  • Automatic generator turn on to meet air conditioning demands for up to four units
  • Regularly monitors and displays battery levels and provides power to the inverter to charge batteries
  • Unique "look-ahead" feature tops off battery prior to "quiet time"
  • Easily program your own "quiet time" hours and battery charging preferences
  • Automatically starts/stops generator on low/full batteries
  • Displays generator hour meter, maintenance reminders and diagnostic text messages for easy troubleshooting
  • Safety start inhibits automatic generator starting in unsafe conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Energy Command 30 be added to an existing RV?

Energy Command 30 (EC-30) is a very affordable option if you're purchasing a new RV, but it gets more expensive if you wish to add it to your existing vehicle. Connecting all the features of the EC-30 requires running wires from the air conditioner, transfer switch, house batteries, chassis batteries, safety input and generator back to the location of the control. Depending on the specific design of your RV and which features you wish to connect, it will take a technician 8 full hours to properly install an EC-30. If you're looking to purchase an EC-30 for your existing RV, have the dealer quote on installation as well so you know the full cost of adding this feature. Cummins Onan engineers do not recommend RV owners to attempt to install the EC-30 on their own as it requires knowledge of electrical codes to safely and correctly install all the wires.

Can I install Energy Command 20 by myself?

Energy Command 20 is a fairly easy install if you currently have a Cummins Onan remote panel in your RV. The EC-20 fits in the same hole and uses the same wires. Instructions included with the control can be followed by anyone comfortable with basic wiring.

Which models of generators work with Energy Command?

The Energy Command family is compatible with all current models of Cummins Onan RV generators.

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